Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Helmeted Hornbill - Lifer

Burung Enggang Tebang Mentua
A good day....did not expected rare is coming.
Excited.....First time looked at a couple of very rare hornbill ....

Asian Paradise - Lifer

White ` morph '
Finally its showed to me,,,


Wreathed Hornbill - Lifer

Burung Enggang Bukit
Sunny morning with wreathed hornbill.... sadly its beak was broken

Large Green Pigeon - Lifer

I kept to take photos a group of birds flying to the high and big tree behind of my house boat parking as below... with fishing group
- Look bigger size then others;

Arctic Wabler

Sorry....Very hard to identified warbler name, hopefully its arctic...

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Crimson Sunbird

Coming without notice with others ( scarlet back flowerpecker, orange back flowerpecker, purple throated sunbird, ruby cheek sunbird )....love beautiful colors of crimson

Crimson Sunbird

Orange backed Flowerpecker

Purple Throated Sunbird

Ruby Cheek Sumbird ( female )

Chesnut Headed Bee Eater

Managed to captured this beautiful birds during the holiday trips.